Keys to a Successful Sales Presentation

Everyone has to make a sales presentation at one point in their life. Whether it’s for a class presentation, a job interview, or trying to sell a product or service almost everyone will have to present to a live audience. Obviously, it is very important to be a good public speaker. Whether you are trying to get a good grade in a class, get a new job, or make a sale; you only get one shot to impress your audience. In this article we are going to discuss some of the key characteristics of a successful sales presentation.

One of the first things we will discuss is to make sure you know your audience. It is very important to know who you are presenting in front of. You can tailor your message accordingly depending on your audience. Are you presenting in front of a class of students or a panel of directors to try and get a job? The content of your presentation should be altered accordingly.

Once you know who you are presenting in front of you should decide if you need to create a PowerPoint presentation to go along with your presentation. In most situations a PowerPoint can help you gain the attention of your audience and keep them focused on your slides. They are very professional tools and used in most sales presentations. Of course, you probably would not create a PowerPoint when applying for a new job.

Now, let’s talk about the actual presentation itself. First, make sure you are dressed professionally and come prepared. Make sure you have your index cards in hand and your PowerPoint presentation ready. You want to speak slowly and clearly so everyone can hear you. If you have anything to pass out to your audience do it at the end so they aren’t focused on it while you are presenting. Your content should be well structured including a beginning, middle, and end. If you are selling a product or service make sure to ask for the sale. Always allow time at the end of the presentation for the audience to ask questions.

As you can see there are many factors to consider when giving a sales presentation. Be professional, know your audience, and use a PowerPoint in most circumstances. Make sure your content is relevant to your topic and your audience. Keep in mind how long your presentation is and try to stay within a 15 minute timeframe. Most importantly, ask for the sale and make sure to leave enough time at the end for a question and answer session.

Christmas and Christmas Presents for Kids

People do a lot of things just to celebrate their Christmas holidays. Kids don’t miss out any chances of having those that they wished from their parents and closest relatives. On Christmas we can do a lot more other than our normal routine celebrations. Some would bake ginger cookies, wrap up them nicely, and go visit those people who’re close to you and your family.

Christmas is for kids and for those who feel that they’re kids. It’s their time to run towards their Christmas tree and unwrapping the gifts named to them. They are the one who are very happy and excited during and when Christmas is arriving. Opening their presents is the most exciting part of their Christmas experience. Hence, most parents takes advantage on giving their kids the most precious gifts that they’re longing for like toys because they can’t still appreciate the value of clothes and dresses as their present and sometimes they may be disappointed after opening their gifts and would only knew that what was there was a piece of cloth. Girls would be longing for Barbie dolls, colorful bags, cooking toys and some interesting things that they could use and play with. Boys would always want robots, balls, cars and mostly toys which are characters from cartoon movies like Toy Stories, Shrek, and Spiderman etc.

If you have kids, encourage and involve them in activities like Christmas parties and get together on churches, neighborhood and school; they’ll be taught while having enjoyment with ribbons, foods, colors, glitters and gifts. As adults, we were also treated like kids by our parents when we’re younger and now it’s time for us to be parents and make the best for our children’s happiness just to enjoy their childhood years and that they could also do the same thing when they become parents of their own children.

Shopping for Christmas gifts should not be a chore but fun and easy, so that picking presents for certain person could be much easier. Don’t get frustrated with rude crowds and long lines at the shopping store during Christmas just to buy those presents that you intend to purchase but most people would rather buy presents online because they thought shopping centers can be the most terrifying places during Holidays. Online shopping during Christmas can be stress free because of several website’s database of gifts that you needed or wanted.

No matter where you will shop, who you have to shop for and whatever you do during this season, make your Christmas be a merry one.

What Is the Present Value of an Annuity Formula and What Are Annuities?

If you already know the concept of Perpetuities, the concept of Annuities is very easy. It’s very similar to Perpetuities, only that the payments are not forever. Instead of forever, these payments come in only for a fixed time period.

Let’s say I gave you a piece of paper or certificate, and it promised that I would pay you $10 per year for exactly 12 years, and then I would stop paying you immediately after that. Is this still a “perpetuity”? It still consists of regular payments of equal amounts, just like a perpetuity, but it is not forever; it has a limited time period. So in this case, it’s not called a perpetuity, but an “annuity.”

So now, just like in the case of a perpetuity, an important question now is… how much are you willing to pay me for that piece of paper? How much are you willing to pay for this “annuity”?

For this, you would use the Present Value of an Annuity Formula. For general managers, there’s no need to know the actual step by step process on calculating this, as it can easily be done by accountants or by free calculators online as well as smartphone apps. However, if you need to learn the process yourself, you can watch tons of free online tutorial videos from many different websites as well as YouTube.

Real-Life Application

Let’s say you are offered to invest your severance pay (or retirement pay, or similar lump sum) of $10,000 with a pension company or investment company, and they promise to pay you $600/year for 30 years. An ordinary person might think it’s a good deal because $600/year x 30 years = $18,000, which will be much more than the original $10,000 investment.

However, using the Present Value of an Annuity Formula, you will find that the “fair value” of this annuity is actually only $9,223 if interest rates are at 5%… and that you are therefore “overpaying” if you pay anything more than $9,223. In other words, if you pay anything more than $9,223, then you’re just as good or even better off putting your money in the bank instead, and earning interest from the bank (or other “risk-free” investment). At $9,223, the rate of return of your investment/pension will be exactly equal to the rate of return of putting your money in the bank. If you pay more than $9,223 for your investment, then your investment’s rate of return will be lower than your return from the bank.