5 Tips to Make a More Professional Company Presentation

At the end of every college year, companies start brushing up their presentations to make it more professional and interesting. Their aim is to get the best of new talent and they compete with companies from across industries for this.

Here are 5 tips on how to make your presentation really stands out and attract maximum new employees.

1. Use professional presentation templates

Many times managers find it is convenient to use the existing presentation with modified data. Company presentations have too much space allocated to logo and color related branding. The people you present to will get their impression of your company based on the quality of presentation you use. Low quality images, poor opening slides, unprofessional ppt backgrounds etc. reflect badly on your company.

2. Sell your company

A company presentation is not just about your company, but also about the audience. Include slides that will tell them what they can expect when they join you. This will ensure that they attend the company interviews with interest. Tell them what is unique about the company, how their career will progress. Give them examples of people who have done well with you.

3. Dress to reflect your company

It is not just about the slides and the presentation template. You also reflect your company image. Dress the way you would dress to work on a good day. If your company is professional one, wear a suit, if it is about fun and being laid back, wear what feels comfortable.

4. Prepare for question and answer questions

While a professional company presentation covers basics like salary, locations and career paths, potential employees are bound to have questions beyond that. Leave enough space in the allocated time so that you can interact with them and answer their questions.

5. Leave behind

Those really interested in your presentation will want to follow up by looking up sources. Give them websites, books, references where they can look up to know more about your company.

As you can see, a company presentation is not a simple information presentation. The slides and the presenter need to be geared to treat it as a sales presentation. Even if the presentation is being made internally to people who have just joined the organization, it needs to go beyond just providing information. Every company presentation is a professional sales presentation and needs to be treated as such.

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Taking Your MLM Business Online

You’ve probably heard the saying “the more things change the more they stay the same”. I entered the game (network marketing) just as the internet was ramping up, about the same time you didn’t need to be a bodybuilder to hold a cell phone to your ear (remember the bricks of past years?). We were essentially told to write that proverbial names list (you’ve heard it – by 21 you know 2000 people… ) and start calling – did that ever work?

Not knowing much about the industry we simply used the products we purchased monthly and attended every training we could. We were lucky, we benefited from the products our company of choice produced so personal consumption was never an issue.

Like so many people we got no’s pretty well everywhere we turned but with sheer persistence eventually found and trained some great people and our business took off.

Fast forward 10 years it’s time to bring our MLM business online – why you may ask. Simple, while the essence of network marketing is the same, marketing methods evolve and change over time. One of the hallmarks of the 21st century is “You Inc”, or personal branding.

Thanks to the internet I’ve developed what I call a hybrid model, using the best offline MLM business strategies with online strategies. This means real approaches where I can send people to a web based presentation or do a one on one presentation if local, and attraction marketing through social media and content marketing to extend my reach.

Online is definitely a learned skill which for me at least has and is taking time but is absolutely worth it. “Brand you” will get you so far offline, and we have built teams in numerous countries just to prove the point, but online you’re only limited by your belief in yourself and the effort you put in.

Key lessons from my journey so far:

  • Pick the right guru (s) to follow
  • Throw some money at quality training, it speeds up the learning curve enormously
  • Invest in personal growth on a daily basis. Network marketing / internet marketing is often called a personal growth course wrapped in a compensation plan – your income grows as you grow
  • Have an advertising budget
  • Find your voice – don’t give your voice to someone else. Sure you can outsource your content (assuming content marketing is part of your strategy) to oDesk and the like, but rolling up your sleeves and creating your own content gives you authenticity
  • Be patient – it takes time but it does take
  • Have a daily plan of action – social marketing can drain your time. Never forget it’s only part of the answer, you still need to daily prospect
  • Find a company to align yourself with that supports online marketing as part of the mix
  • Don’t be afraid to look outside your company for the training you need
  • Persistence – stick with it. Seriously, if there is one skill that trumps all others this has to be it